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TOEIC Exam Program

The TOEIC course we offer is specifically designed for individuals who are aiming to attain a TOEIC score for either university applications or job opportunities. The course structure involves weekly exams, tailored feedback, and the pre-enrolled level test.
Those scoring below 400 on the entry test will be placed in the Preparatory Class, while those scoring above 400 will be placed in the Intermediate-Advanced Class.

Course Overview

Levels Preparatory, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitable Age 18+
Class Size Group of 6 to 8 Students
Schedule Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm
Hours 15-20 Hours
Duration 4 to 12 weeks

Who Is This Program For?

The TOEIC course caters to students aiming to learn English for business or study abroad. It accommodates beginners and those with basic English skills, aiming to enhance proficiency across all areas of English. While covering all aspects of the language, it particularly emphasizes listening and reading. With support from teachers and peers, students learn to communicate effectively in various situations.

Program Features

  • Task-based learning
  • Current affairs-based lessons
  • Listening comprehension
  • Skill-building exercises for English use in everyday scenarios
  • TOEIC test preparation
  • Project and team-building exercises
  • Class discussions