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Oh Young Language Center offers premium airport transfer services from Taipei (Taoyuan) International Airport and Taichung Qingquangang International Airport. Regardless of your airline, upon disembarking, simply follow the crowd towards the singular exit direction and locate our designated meeting point at the airport. Upon arrival, kindly provide your name and signature to our representative.
To ensure efficient transportation logistics, our school organizes pick-ups in batches, grouping students with similar flight schedules together. We wait until all students have arrived before departing for the school premises.

Should you encounter our pick-up personnel before the designated meeting time, please proceed to meet them promptly. We advise travelers to remain vigilant and safeguard their luggage and passport information throughout the process to prevent any potential loss or inconvenience.

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Station
Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Station
Taichung International Airport