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Enroll in our Weekday Elective Lessons for Classroom Cultural DIY!

In our program, learning Mandarin goes beyond textbooks. We provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and language by getting hands-on experience. From crafting traditional foods to creating handicrafts, students can feel the essence of the local culture and practice language skills in a meaningful way.

Hand-woven bracelets are an ancient and creative craft activity. By braiding or knotting threads of various colors and materials together, unique bracelets are crafted. This activity not only cultivates patience and attention to detail but also inspires limitless creativity. Whether given to a friend as a keepsake or worn as a personal accessory, hand-woven bracelets are a perfect choice
Embroidery is a traditional handicraft technique of decorating fabric with needle and thread to create patterns or text. This art form has a long history and is widely practiced around the world. Embroidery can be applied to everyday items such as clothing and home textiles, as well as to art collections. It showcases the artisan’s skill and carries rich
Peking Opera facial makeup is a unique art form within Chinese traditional opera. It uses various colors and patterns painted on the actor’s face to express the character’s personality, morality, and fate. Each color has its specific meaning, such as red symbolizing bravery and loyalty, while white indicates treachery and evil. Peking Opera facial makeup is not just a
Calligraphy, an ancient and revered art form, has transcended centuries as a testament to the enduring power of human expression. Rooted in the rich traditions of various cultures, calligraphy is more than just beautiful handwriting; it is a visual symphony that merges artistic creativity with linguistic finesse. This art form has the ability to captivate the beholder, telling a
Seals, also known as stamps or chops, hold a rich cultural and historical significance in various societies across the globe. These small but mighty artifacts serve as symbols of authority, identity, and tradition. In this article, we will explore the world of seals, delving into their origins, cultural importance, and contemporary relevance.
The Chinese Tea Ceremony, also known as Gongfu Cha, is a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It embodies elegance, mindfulness, and a profound appreciation for the art of tea-making.