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Business English Program

The goal is to cultivate students’ language and communication skills necessary in a professional workplace environment, enabling them to navigate their careers more smoothly. The focus of the course is to develop oral proficiency to enhance the skills and capacity of the students in a short period. Also, it helps to improve proficiency in business presentation techniques and the practical use of business-related vocabulary.

Course Overview

Levels Beginner to Advanced
Suitable Age 18+
Class Size Group of 6 to 8 Students
Schedule Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm
Hours 15-20 Hours
Duration 4 to 12 weeks

Who is this program for?

Ranging from Beginner to Advanced levels, the ideal student is a professional seeking a rigorous and comprehensive English language program. With a variety of hand-crafted learning materials, we prepare our students for various business situations. By teaching comprehensively but focusing on communication, we create a fun environment where students feel empowered by their ability to use English in any given situation.

Program Features

  • Using the Socratic method approach to teach English
  • Individual coursework and counseling
  • Student-led presentations
  • Real-world situation lessons
  • Task-based group activities