- Suzuki Sachie

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There is no such thing as failure in this world. There is no failure while taking on challenges. Failure is when you give up.

Educational qualifications

  • Musashino University, Japan – Faculty of Engineering (Department)


  • Executive Director of Xiaolin Pancake Co., Ltd.
  • Japanese tutor three years qualification

Self introduction

Hello, I am a Japanese who loves Taiwan deeply and has settled in Taiwan for 14 years. I graduated from Musashino University in Japan and later went to France to study baking. By chance, I came to Taiwan to work as the administrative director of Kobayashi Pancake. I like Taiwanese culture and life very much. Then I got married to a Taiwanese man, settled down in Taiwan, and integrated into Taiwan. I can speak and write Chinese, and have three years of work experience as a tutor, allowing students to better understand Japanese culture, and further strengthen the cultural and language exchanges between the two parties, and can contribute Provide more language help to Taiwanese people in Taiwan who like Japanese culture, such as: Japanese language learning required for work and those who want to understand Japanese culture.